Animal division

Animal division
- Providing trace elements essential for living and good performances.
- Improving the animal welfare and the livestock performances.
- Reducing the use of antibiotics and synthetic additives.

These are the challenges of the Animal Division at global scale, with a permanent concern for the respect of the environment and for a sustainable development. >> more

Vegetal division

Vegetal Division - crops, culture

Modern processes, natural raw materials...
Olmix Group Innovations have many applications in vegetal nutrition.
The product lines are designed for field crops and greenhouses, for horticulture, fruit and vegetables production as well as sports fields, parks and gardens.
The products are granulated form soluble in water or liquid. >> more


Green tech

Green Tech - green algae, ulves

Olmix has developed partnerships with specialized laboratories including CNRS and CEVA. For a number of years, very important research work has been carried out by the Olmix team within the framework of “Euréka”, an European research program focused on biotechnologies, which has led to the creation of a new revolutionnary biomaterial, Amadéite®, a totally innovative, 100% natural, formula. >> more



OLMIX Worldwide

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