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The roots of Melspring date from 1936. In that year, the company started to import raw materials for fertilizers for the Dutch market. Through the years Melspring developed from importer and trading company into a company that develops and produces its own products, and exports it to countries throughout the world.

The goal of this Olmix Group subsidiary, acquired in 2006, is to grow healthier plants and crops and to contribute to a cleaner and healthier world with sustainable solutions for specialists in golf, sport, public green spaces, horticulture and agriculture.

With in-depth knowledge of soil dynamics, nutrition and plant pathology Melspring develops balanced nutrient and soil structure programs for plant vitality and plant health. The unique products, based on innovative green concepts, are patented European wide.

Thanks to Melsprings high quality standards and the continuous growing expertise within the organisation Melspring has been a well appreciated player on the market for many years.

Our history

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Start of sales of Liquid Ranges

Olmix 20th anniversary and sales introduction of Melgreen, SeaMel and AlgoMel Liquid Ranges, making use of the worldwide network of Olmix.

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Product development in concert with the Olmix R&D team

Based on raw materials from Olmix sources (seaweeds, micronutrients and clays) new products are developed for soil improvement (Matrix, Stor-it), soil nutrition (Vitalphos), biostimulants (Melgreen for turf, SeaMel for horticulture and AlgoMel for field crops) and elicitors.

2007-to date
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Olmix SA acquires Melspring

Melspring International B.V. becomes part of Olmix SA group France. Mission: making effective use of renewable sources to promote sustainable food to help feed 9 billion people by 2050.

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Name change into Melspring International B.V.

As of 2002 the company has its current name: Melspring International B.V., with its head office at the Arnhemsestraatweg 8 in Velp, the Netherlands. Following the retirement of Mister H.D. Melchers.

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Transition period for Agro division

Transition period for the Agro division from pure trading to development of products with added value under an own trademark. Such as: Melspray fully soluble fertilisers, Melfert organic fertilisers and Marathon patented long release fertilizers.

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Name change into Melchemie Holland B.V.

Due to the geographical expansion of the company, the board decides to change the name into Melchemie Holland B.V. Also Melchemie-Curaçao is created in Willemstad, Curaçao.

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Start of production and distribution of free-flowing Ferrous Sulphate

Iron sulphate is a moist, unstable salt. The Melchemie process created free-flowing granules that were stable in storage whilst remaining fully soluble.

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Geographical expansion

Intensive exploration and start of supply to African markets.

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Start of a new division: Water Treatment

Start of sales and worldwide distribution of Calcium Hypochlorite (manufactured by Nippon Soda, Japan) and chemicals for water treatment.

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Melchemie B.V. enters Far Eastern markets

The original name W.J. Melchers Hzn. changes into Melchemie B.V. The company raises exports to Far Eastern markets.

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Rapid expansion of business

After World War ll the company starts to produce trace element fertilisers in the Netherland and starts to import huge amounts of phosphate fertilizers from France.

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Creation of W.J. Melchers Hzn.

Willem Johan Melchers – aged 35 – founds his private company: W.J. Melchers Hzn. as a trading company focusing on the import and export of fertilizers and chemicals.