ALGOGUARD™ Maintaining animal defenses
for maximum performance

ALGOGUARD™ maintains gut integrity and the immune function of animals to make them stronger and capable of facing daily challenges.

The situation

Keeping a proper immune status

In modern intensive production systems, animals face several challenges throughout their life cycle. These challenges are even more important during specific sensitive physiological states (young animals, high demanding production periods, parturition…) or when facing external stressors (environmental factors, pathogenic attack, intense vaccination programs…). This is also essential while implementing antibiotic reduction strategies, compulsory today to save the efficacy of antibiotics in the long term for both animals and humans.

The solution

Maintaining gut integrity and immune function

ALGOGUARD™ is based on the association of two biologically active sulfated polysaccharides extracted from marine algae thanks to Olmix innovative technology: MSP®BARRIER maintains the integrity of the intestinal wall for higher resistance to pathogenic aggressions, and MSP®IMMUNITY modulates the production of several immune mediators to maintain strong innate and adaptive immune responses. ALGOGUARD™ application in the feed (all animals) ensures better animal performance and higher profitability.

ALGOGUARD™ maintains strong animal defenses

Strong points

  • 1

    Synergistic association of two biologically active marine algal extracts

  • 2

    Maintaining maximum gut integrity and supporting immune function

  • 3

    100% proven mode of action

  • 4

    Optimized animal performance, high ROI

Mode of action

The mode of action of ALGOGUARD™ is patented and published (Berri et al, 2016 & 2017 INRA; Intestinal Biotech Development trial).

The efficacy of ALGOGUARD™ has been studied in research farms as well as in field conditions and fully demonstrated in collaboration with reputed research institutes.

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Mode of use

Feeding rate

From 2 to 6 lbs/T of feed according to animal-specie, physiological stage and farm conditions.



Marine-sulfated polysaccharides extract of Ulva armoricana green algae exhibits and antimicrobial activity and stimulates cytokine expression by intestinal epithelial cells (Berri et al, 2016)

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Ulvan from Ulva armoricana (Cholophyta) activates the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway via TLR4 to induce intestinal cytokine production (Berri et al, 2017)

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