MISTRAL Animal environment sanitizer

More than a litter conditioner, Mistral is a management tool allowing farmers to follow the basic rules of animal rearing and respect the physiological balance of their animals, simply and efficiently

Improving health and well-being in animal farming

The challenge

Moisture, bacteria and ammonia

Moisture is a fertile breeding ground for germs that increase bacterial pressure and ammonia production. It is also a source of discomfort for animals. Reducing moisture represents a major challenge for increasing environmental safety.

The objective

Clean and healthy farms

It has been scientifically proven that environmental factors directly impact the comfort, welfare, health and performance of animals. Even in the absence of manifest disease, an overly damp environment and poor hygiene carry immediate repercussions for animal productivity.

The solution

Mistral sanitizes the environment by controlling humidity.

Mistral is composed of dried and micronized clay, selected minerals and essential oils. Thanks to Olmix expertise, the sheet structure of the clay is improved for better drying power. Mistral is used for drying boxes and litters, as well as in direct contact with animals.

Mistral, litter conditioner to improve welfare and hygiene through humidity control

  • 1

    Strong drying power

  • 2

    Respects the skin and mucous

  • 3

    Reduces stress

€1 invested in Mistral = €5 net profit


Available since 1997, Mistral litter conditioner is the only product to have received numerous awards at the highest level internationally in recognition of its spectacular results.

Hygiene, comfort and performance on the farm

With the Mistral animal environment sanitizer, ensure a clean and dry environment for healthy animals.


Mistral can be used in many ways:

  • Spread on a litter by hand or mechanically.
  • As a dip, mainly for piglets.
  • Directly on calves
  • By hand in drinkers, feeders and other “hotspots” in poultry production.
  • Blown into pigpens and chicken barns, even in the presence of the animals.


Mistral, litter conditioner for fattening pigs

Mistral litter conditioner: a simple gesture while touring the fattening sheds helps the breeder check the mobility of pigs and improves the air and soil quality owing to the humidity control. A mere half bowl of Mistral during the daily tour of the pens will improve the well-being of the pigs with a small investment.

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