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MMi.S The natural origin microgranulated solution
for mycotoxin risk management

MMi.S is a solution in microgranulated form, specially designed for easy use on the farm. Based on specific clay, algae and complementary selected materials, Olmix solutions can efficiently limit the impact of mycotoxins.

The need for comprehensive mycotoxin risk management on the farm

The situation


More than 25% of harvested cereals are contaminated by different types of mycotoxins (Source: FAO). The main damage caused is a weakening of the immune system by polycontamination, which leads to lower zootechnical performance. All animal species are sensitive to mycotoxins, even at low levels.

The challenge

A wide adsorption spectrum

The key to combatting mycotoxins in feed is to use a wide-spectrum solution as polycontamination is the usual situation. A complete solution must be efficient for a wide spectrum of mycotoxins, including large and complex ones.

The solution


The MMi.S formula provides wide-spectrum adsorption. Its innovative microgranulated format facilitates mixing into feed and handling on the farm.

Using MMi.S on the farm


  • 1

    For easy use on farm & better homogeneity in feeds (TMR & layer feeds)

  • 2

    No side effects on nutrient absorption

  • 3

    Wide-spectrum of adsorption

  • 4

    From natural origin

Wide-action spectrum


And you?

Are you concerned about this problem?


Estimate the probability
to have mycotoxins in your animals' diet!


For easy use directly on the farm

MMi.S has been developed in granules for easy use directly on the farm. Its non-dusty form also enables feed manufacturers to achieve more homogenous feed mixes.

How to use

The Olmix Technical Department will help you optimize the inclusion rate of MMi.S in your feed to suit your farm and expected results.


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