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SEARUP Immune system performance

Searup boosts animals’ natural defences

Natural immunomodulating properties

The challenge


The immune system constantly faces environmental aggressors, such as vaccination programmes, stress and mycotoxins. Moreover, young animals often lack sufficient protection and are more susceptible to microbial infections. For these reasons, reinforcing the immune system is a priority.

The solution

Naturally boost the innate immune system

Searup combines the action of immunomodulating marine sulphated polysaccharides (MSPs), vitamins and amino acids. Immunomodulating MSPs help build a stronger immune response by activating specific receptors in the innate immune system.

The results

Stimulating the immune system

Animals that can resist various environmental aggressors

Searup is recommended in case of

Challenges to natural defences

  • 1

    Vaccination programmes

  • 2

    Challenges to natural defences

  • 3

    Internal and external stress

  • 4

    Lower immune defences


For best results, consult your veterinarian for a tailored plan and dosage.



Risk periods

Single dose for 3-5 days


Single dose the day before and 2 days after

Starting period Double dose for 3-5 days


Single dose:

  • Searup Still: 0.5 ml per 10 kg of live weight daily.
  • Searup Spark : 1 x 16 g spark per 200 l daily or 1 x 45 g spark per 500 l daily or 1 x 80 g spark per 1000 l daily.



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