Z'fix Farm effluent enhancer

Z’fix is a dust-free pearled pellet designed to enhance the agronomic quality of manure, slurry and compost. It’s ECO ingredients control fermentation in organic matter in order to preserve the maximum fertilising elements.

Savings in fertiliser while ensuring yield performance


Animal welfare, manure and slurry enhancement

Slurry and manure are living environments that continuously ferment. If they are not well controlled, these fermentations can have negative consequences for both animals (gas emission, litter instability and microbial contamination); farmers (working time due to crust formation or more frequent cleaning) and agricultural soils (reduction of soil fertility and fertilization).


Controlling fermentation in organic matter

Z’fix, thanks to its ECO ingredients based on a combination of minerals and specific trace elements, controls fermentation in organic matter. Hence, ammonia emissions are reduced and fertilising elements are better preserved.


An enhanced agronomic value of farm effluent

Preservation of manure organic matter - Reduction of ammonia emissions in buildings – Increase of NPK content in manure and slurry

Z'fix améliore la qualité agronomique des lisiers, fumiers et composts

  • 1

    Lower nitrogen loss via ammonia emissions

  • 2

    Easier work and comfort for farmers

  • 3

    Preservation of NPK elements

  • 4

    Quicker composting of manure (evolution of the C/N ratio)

  • 5

    Usable in organic farming



Using Z'fix:

  • Improved NPK plant nutrition
  • Stimulation of soil life
  • Development of the clay-humus complex



3 kg/m3 of manure, slurry or compost

  • Z’fix can be applied with animal presence. It can be applied to deep straw bedding (accumulation period > 3 weeks), on slatted floors or directly in slurry pits
  • May be used in organic farming 


Z'fix special slurry

The enhancement of farm fertilizer, especially slurry, has become a major economic and environmental issue. Olmix Group has the solution which has proven its efficiency for many years: Z'fix. Z'fix not only improves animal welfare and farmer’s comfort, but, also, plant and soil health.


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