Breizh Algae Tour 2018

Animal, Plant, Human: Boost natural defenses, for a better life, Thanks to Algae!
Olmix presents its natural, innovative and environment-friendly solutions

11-11-2018 / 15-11-2018 Berlin | Germany


During our Breizh Algae Tour 2018 we will update our partners and distributors on our latest progresses in terms of research and development. Get to find out about the challenges Olmix Group aims to tackle to develop innovative circular economy for the agriculture of tomorrow. Dive into animals’ immune system, explore the influence of algae and discover the seaweed-based biosolutions for plant stimulation. Get to know about the Olmix research, sourcing and industry: a key player in the seaweed sector in one of the most qualitative areas in the world. The journey goes on, the challenge that we face is huge but the faith in algae and in you, our partners, is bigger than ever.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Welcome to Berlin!

Mr. Hervé Balusson, Olmix Group President and CEO


*Simultaneous translation during the conferences

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Welcome dinner

Delegations from 41 different countries will gather together at the Welcome Gala Dinner. The dinner will take place at 19:00 in a friendly and international atmosphere.





Welcome speech
Challenges of Olmix: developing innovative circular economy for the agriculture of tomorrow

Section 1+2+3

9.00 a.m.

Mr Hervé Balusson

CEO - Olmix Group


9.15 a.m. - 11.45 a.m.

  • Mr Tilmann Vahle - MSc, Associate, SYSTEMIQ LTD (Germany)
  • A circular economy for food: systemic benefits and the role of cities
  • Mr Marc Le Mercier - MSc - CEO Liger (France)
  • Decarbonated agriculture: yes we can!
  • Mr Henk Westerhof - MSc - Quality Manager, Skylark Fundation, (The Netherlands)
  • The key for a sustainable soil is a sustainable mindset
  • Dr Ho Hoang Dung - Senior Consultant, Olmix Group - Viphavet (Vietnam)
  • Sustainable husbandry, raising animals with less antibiotics, some ideas from Vietnam
  • Mr Wagner Macedo - Veterinarian - Manager Brasil Central Negócios Agropecuários - Mato Gross (Brazil)
  • Sustainable production of animal protein: the challenges of the future now
Round-table discussion
Gathering a round-table of world agriculture leaders, economic actors, politics and influencers and the Olmix scientific commitee to share their prospective view.

Section 1+2+3

11.45 a.m.

Animal Care Event

Boost natural defences, for a better life, Thanks to Algae!
Olmix launches its latest innovation to boost animal's immune system

Development of the immune system

Section 1+2

2.00 p.m. - 2.35 p.m.

Prof. Dr. med. vet. Bernd Kaspers

Professor for Animal Physiology - University of Munich (Germany)

Cost of impaired immunity & practical implication in the field

Section 1+2

2.35 p.m. - 3.10 p.m.

Dr. Maarten de Gussem

Managing Director Vetworks & General Manager Vetpharm (Belgium)

From algae & MSP extraction technology to immunity modulation

Section 1+2

3.30 p.m. - 3.45 p.m.

Ms Pi Nyvall | Mr Matthieu Le Goff

Olmix Group Scientific Director | For Vet Product Manager (Animal Care)

Launch of Algimun®

Section 1+2

3.45 p.m. - 4.30 p.m.

Ms Maria Garcia

DVM, For Feed Product Specialist - Olmix Group (The Netherlands)

Testimony of Nutréa on Algimun® (Broiler integrator)

Section 1+2

4.30 p.m. - 4.40 p.m.

Ms Florence Mayette

DVM, Nutréa (France)

Conclusion & teaser on new algae-based product: Asead

Section 1+2

4.40 p.m. - 5.10 p.m.

Mr Michel Guillaume

Olmix Group Pig Nutrition Expert (Vietnam)

Download the complete programme: >> Animal Care event programme

Plant Care Technical Workshops

Soil fertility and crop resistance: explore the power of algae!
Olmix presents its biosolutions to produce more and better in a changing world.

Biomass and biodiversity in the soil: necessary components to produce more and better

Section 3

2.00 p.m. - 2.35 p.m.

Dr. Bruno Daridon

Olmix Plant Care Research (France)

Assessment of a biological activator application on soil fertility

Section 3

2.40 p.m. - 3.15 p.m.

Ing. Ivana Šindelková

Agricultural Research Institute of Fodder crops (Troubsko, Czech Republic)

Stimulating root system: improvement of soil/plant connection

Section 3

3.20 p.m. - 3.55 p.m.

Prof. Dr. Diedrich Steffens

Institute for plant nutrition, Justus Liebig University (Giessen, Germany)

Plant stimulation: power of seaweed extratcts and micronutrients to enhance crops resistance

Section 3

4.25 p.m. - 5.10 p.m.

Mr. Wilson Boardman

MPH, United Kingdom

Download the complete programme: >> Plant Care workshop programme

Human Care Technical Workshops

Algae for food and algae for health: explore the power of algae!
Olmix presents its natural, innovative and environment-friendly solutions.

Functionalization of vegetal extracts to develop natural ingredients

Berlin room

2.00 p.m. - 2.30 p.m.

Dr. Marc Anton

Research Director Unit of Biopolymers Interactions Assemblies (BIA), belonging to INRA, France

New medical approach to health with active algae and algae in general

Berlin Room

4.10 p.m. - 4.30 p.m.

Mr Bruno Obriot

Olmix Human Care

How a 100-year company add algae to their innovation strategy

Berlin room

2.30 p.m. - 3.00 p.m.

Ms Morgane Tournadre

Export Manager - Brunet SA (France)

Olmix group latest applications developed with algae-based ingredients

Berlin room

3.00 p.m. - 3.30 p.m.

Mr Tony Da Cruz

Chef de Projet Applications Food (Human Care-Olmix Group)

Interest of food supplements with algae and essential oils at the Counter of a pharmacy

Berlin room

4.30 p.m. - 4.50 p.m.

Dr. Bruno Ingarao


The pharmacist, 1st health actor and prescriber of food supplements. Role in full development with lack of doctor

Berlin room

4.50 p.m. - 5.10 p.m.

Dr. Bruno Ingarao


Download the complete programme: >> Human Care workshop programme




Plant Care Field Trip

Visit to Gollwitzer Agrar GmbH

Around practical workshops and discussions with specialists, our guests will discover new biosolutions to improve soil fertility and crop protection. During the Plant Care Field Day they will have the opportunity to exchange with pioneer farmers and distributors who already use these new tools in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, France... to produce more and better while minoring the environmental footprint.

Download the Plant Care Field Trip programme >>




Visit EuroTier in Hannover

Join us at EuroTier 2018!

The world’s leading trade fair for animal production. This year’s EuroTier will be the only international exhibition for animal producers to include all livestock sectors - dairy, beef cattle, pigs, poultry, sheeps and aquaculture.

At EuroTier 2018 the Animal Care team of Olmix will be running the booth B12 (Hall 23). It will be the occasion to discuss our comprehensive programs to support the reduction of use of antibiotics.

ALGIMUN® Reinforces animals’ natural defences

ALGIMUN®, our latest innovation based on unique algae extracts (Olmix MSP®) will be officially launched during EuroTier. Sulfated polysaccharides of high various biological activities are the basis of the next generations solutions Olmix wants to offer to you and your customers.

  • Incorporated into feed
  • Composed of macroalgae extracts
  • Proven biological and synergistic properties

Berlin City Tour

Discover Berlin!

Our participants will discover the different historic sites of Berlin in a guided city bus tour. Berlin was and is a center of German and European history. Journey back in time to the most important moments of the city’s past.