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26-07-2019 / 27-07-2019 Dkaha and Bogra | BANGLADESH

Held in the cities of Dhaka and Bogra (Bangladesh), the two-day technical seminar hosted by Olmix Group and AVON Animal Health was the best spot to present the products to be commercialized in the country and the Olmix's algae-based technology used in creating diverse strategies to face the main challenges of the animal industry.

Optimal Immune System and Digestive Welfare, Thanks to Algae!

Olmix Group continues to expand internationally. After announcing the release of some of its newest algae-based solutions – such as Algimun® or DigestSea- in several countries in Asia this, the company has now gone the extra mile and introduced the whole Animal Care range in Bangladesh.

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Environmental Hygiene, Immunity, Digestive Efficiency and Digestive Welfare

Olmix Group will be introducing several products into the country to cope with the main challenges that the animal industry is facing.

Olmix's algae-based technology has led the company to create diverse strategies to reinforce the immune system of animals, improve their digestive efficiency and welfare and also to control their living conditions and environment.

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It was our pleasure to host you at our launch event and shared our algae-based programs for animal health and nutrition. We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration!

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