Sea Tech Week

08-10-2018 / 12-10-2018 Brest | France

Olmix Group & CBB Capbiotek & Station Biologique de Roscoff

Olmix Group will take part in Sea Tech Week 2018 to be held in Brest, France, from 8th to 12th October. Our team will be co-organizing a session with CBB Capbiotek and the Roscoff's Biological Station entitled: 'Sustainable biorefinery for marine resources'. We are looking forward to meeting you!

BT3 - Sustainable biorefinery for marine resources

Led by CNRS SBR and Olmix Group, partners of the GENIALG H2020 project*, and CBB Capbiotek, this one-day session will be the opportunity to discover pioneering companies and projects implementing the concept of large-scale integrated biorefineries in the EU.

International academic and industrial references will describe advances on the process of cracking the biomass and developing a wide diversity of products. This conference will address scientific discoveries and industrial developments in the value chains for seaweed biorefineries but also for other biomass in the blue biotechnology sector.


*This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research
and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727892.




Part 1.1 - Marine biomass sourcing for biorefineries

9.30 a.m. - Chair of session: Philippe Potin, Station Biologique de Roscoff, GENIALG scientific Coordinator and/or Luiza Neves, Seaweed Energy Solution.

  • 9.45 a.m. - Luiza Neves | Seaweed Energy Solution
    'Norway Large-Scale Supply of Brown Seaweeds: a Cultivator’s Perspective'.
  • 9.55 a.m. - Jorunn Skjermo | SINTEF Ocean,
    'Norway Technology development for upscaling kelp biomass production
  • 10.15 a.m. - Corjan Van Den Berg | Wageningen University and Research
    'The Netherlands Algal Biorefineries : from mild process technologies to new products'.
  • 10.35 a.m. - John Bolton | University of Cape Town
    'South Africa Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture with land-based cultivation of Ulva'.

Part 1.2 - Presentation of running biorefineries: marine and terrestrial exemples

11.00 a.m. - Chair of session: Corjan Van Den Berg, Wageningen University and Research

Seaweed biorefinery : Accelerating to a circular economy through efficient processing

11.00 a.m.

Pi Nyvall

Scientific Director - Olmix Group

  • 11.20 a.m. - Gabriel Ancien | SABANA project, University of Almeria
    'Spain SABANA: Demonstrating a sustainable algae biorefinery for agriculture and aquaculture'.
  • 11.40 a.m. - Pr. Simon McQueen-Mason | University of York,
    'UK Developing sustainable biorefineries for terrestrial and marine plant biomass'

Part 2 - Major biorefinery projects

3.00 p.m. - Chair of session: Jean-François Sassi, CEA of Cadarache, France

  • Benoit Queguiner | ALGAIA
    'France Development of a biorefinery at ALGAIA: a market and regulatory led approach'.
  • Jelle Van Leeuwen | Project Manager Seaweed Biorefinery
    'Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands Opportunities in large-scale seaweed refinery'.
  • Anne Belinda Bjerre | Danish Technological institute Scientific Coord. of Macrocascade project
    'Denmark A production platform processing cultivated seaweed into a range of value added product'.
  • Elleke Bosma | Technical University of Denmark Themo
    'Factories: developing novel platform organisms for seaweed biorefining'.
Round table - How to develop specialized biorefineries close to biomass resources ?

3.45 pm.m - 4.45 p.m.

FILM : Presentation of the Olmix Group biorefinery

4.45 p.m. - 5.05 p.m.

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