Amadéite participe au colloque « U’Cook Innovation » à Guingamp


L’évènement aura lieu le 17 mars. Monique Ras et Tony Da Cruz feront une présentation intitulée « Les algues pour la nutrition et la santé ».

U’Cook-Innovation is a symposium dedicated to food industry professionals and students. Several speakers, academic and industrial, will share their expertise around the topic of this first edition: « Towards a new balance between animal proteins and vegetal proteins ». A innovation contest is organised in parallel: teams of students are working on innovative food product combining animal proteins and vegetable proteins.

Monique Ras and Tony Da Cruz will make a presentation about seaweed for health and nutrition. Monique Ras (Innovation Project Coordinator) will present the strengths of seaweed, and particularly seaweed proteins for human nutrition. Tony Da Cruz (Food Applications Project Manager) will present the range of naturals solutions For Food & Beverage and its applications in different products.

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