Melspring’s roots date back to 1936, when the company started importing raw fertilizer materials for the Dutch market. Over the years, Melspring has transformed itself from an international trading company into a developer and manufacturer of products that it has started to export to countries worldwide.

The goal of this Olmix Group subsidiary, acquired in 2006, is to produce healthier plants and crops, while helping build a cleaner and healthier world by providing sustainable solutions for specialists in the golf, sport, public parks, horticulture and agriculture markets.

With in-depth knowledge of soil dynamics, nutrition and plant pathology, Melspring develops balanced nutrient and soil structure programs for plant vitality and health. Its unique products, based on innovative green concepts, have received European patents.

Thanks to its demanding quality standards and continually growing expertise within Olmix Group, Melspring enjoys a longstanding reputation on the market.

Our history

Logo of Melspring

Melspring launches its liquid ranges

Olmix celebrates its 20th anniversary and launches the Melgreen, SeaMel and AlgoMel liquid ranges through its global sales network.

Logo of Melspring

Melspring develops products in concert with the Olmix R&D team

Based on raw materials from Olmix sources (seaweeds, micronutrients and clays), Melspring develops new products for soil improvement (Matrix and Stor-it), soil nutrition (Vitalphos), biostimulants (Melgreen for turf, SeaMel for horticulture and AlgoMel for field crops) and elicitors.

2007 to present
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Olmix SA acquires Melspring

Melspring International B.V. joins the Olmix Group S.A, with the mission of making effective use of renewable sources to promote sustainable food and help feed 9 billion people by 2050.