Animal Care


Reinforcing the gut wall integrity of the chicks by increasing mucin secretion, Thanks to Algae!

Farmers, poultry integrators, avian zoo-technicians and veterinarians are continually seeking to increase the performances of poultry farms, within the context of limiting the use of antibiotics in all poultry species. Olmix has recently developed new 100% natural solutions, able to promote an optimal gut integrity through a higher production of mucins, the main components of the intestinal mucous layer.

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Olmix and INRAe: a global partnership for the promotion of algae in sustainable farming systems and plant production

On February 25, 2020, Philippe Mauguin, President and CEO of INRAE (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment) and Hervé Balusson, CEO of Olmix Group, signed a first framework agreement which aims at strengthening their collaboration in the fields of both environment and animal nutrition and health with the shared objective of developing sustainable and economically viable agricultural food systems.

Plant Care


Geo2 restores tired soil health

Geo2 stimulates the natural mechanisms of humification of organic matter (crop residues, manure, compost, etc.). Applied on tired soils, Geo2 activator improves the formation of the clay-humus complex and the soil structure.

Plant Care


Neosol promotes humus formation for healthy soils

The Neosol activator stimulates the natural microorganisms present in the soil, and first of all the fungi responsible for the humification of organic matter (straws, roots, etc.). Neosol repairs soil dysfunctions by promoting an optimal clay-humus complex.

Plant Care


A new milestone in Olmix Group’s commercial activity in the Middle East


Agreement between Olmix Group and Desert Group to introduce the Melgreen liquid fertilizer range in the Middle East market.

Animal Care


Mistral, for a reasoned management of the digital dermatitis risk

After 2 years of research and trials, the effectiveness of Mistral® application in dry footbath and its practicality have been highlighted and attested!

Animal Care


Improving immunity in poultry, Thanks to Algae!

Poultry producers are aiming to have the best livestock health and to limit the use of antibiotics at the same time.