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Animal Care


MSP® IMMUNITY contributes to limit the diffusion of Marek's Virus Disease


New peer-reviewed article by Olmix on MSP® IMMUNITY.

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Plant Care


New EU regulation: green light for Olmix Plant Care

With immediate effect, Olmix Plant Care has obtained certification for the marketing of its products affected by the new EU regulation 2019/1009 on fertilisers and biostimulants.

Animal Care


Olmix Algoclay technology Fumonisin accumulation in broiler tissues


Study demonstrated that feeding the Olmix Algoclay technology reduced the accumulation of fumonisin B1 by around 40% in the liver and by 50% in the meat. 

Animal Care


SPACE 2022: reducing gas emissions while improving animal health and welfare

The Olmix Animal Care team will run this year the Booth C55 (Hall 9) to show our new tools for optimal effluents management, that have come to enhance our animal welfare programme in a context of high cost of fertilizers, as well as our solutions to deal with mycotoxins risk challenges.

Animal Care


Mistral®, taking care of piglets

Farmers in the USA share their thoughts on Olmix's drying agent to improve health and well-being in animal farming.

Plant Care


MIP® technology for a sustainable improvement of soil fertility

Olmix will be describing the insights of the MIP® technology at the 2nd ISTRO Central European Conference on “Trends and challenges in soil-crop management” in Brno, Czech Republic.

Plant Care


Efficacy of crossing tillage, Olmix's biostimulants and fertilization techniques

Experimental platform conduced by Olmix, ISTRO and COSTRO shows great results to improve efficacy in plant nutrition and soil management in a sustainable way.