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Animal Care


Optimising pig gut health with macroalgal extracts

Advantages of specific algae extracts to pig farming.

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Animal Care


Olmix launches new solutions for animal immunity and mycotoxin risk management in Morocco

Algimun® and MT.X AA®, both now available in the country.

Animal Care


Macroalgal extracts improve cow health status and production performance

Olmix experts talk about algae and dairy farming on the latest issue of Positive Action magazine.

Plant Care


How to achieve successful sunflower establishment?

The Algomel PROACT foliar solution offers several advantages to farmers.

Plant Care


Looking at alternative strategies to Nitrogen

Olmix expert Grant James shares his holistic view of crop nutrition at Agronomist & Arable Farmer magazine.

Plant Care


Olmix stands for unique, high-quality organic-mineral fertilisers

Some of the latest Olmix Plant Care local turf projects were addressed on the Greenkeeper magazine.

Animal Care


Ensuring piglets' digestive welfare with Seabiota®

Testimonial by French farmer Nicolas Guillame.