Mycotoxin detoxification strategies, a review

How to control mycotoxin contamination in the feed?

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Olmix and INRAe: a global partnership for the promotion of algae in sustainable farming systems and plant production

On February 25, 2020, Philippe Mauguin, President and CEO of INRAE (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment) and Hervé Balusson, CEO of Olmix Group, signed a first framework agreement which aims at strengthening their collaboration in the fields of both environment and animal nutrition and health with the shared objective of developing sustainable and economically viable agricultural food systems.

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Green algae, an alternative to antibiotics that stimulates the immune response

A throwback to the recent research by Olmix Group and INRAe, which showed that a green algae extract stimulates the production of immune mediators through intestinal epithelial cells. These results indicate that this kind of preparation could be used in livestock feed to improve their resistance to infections and therefore reduce the use of antibiotics.

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Era of diseases in aquaculture: adapt or die!

Evolution of virulence is playing an important role in the emergence of some diseases in aquaculture.

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Promising projects of Olmix Plant Care in Asia

From October 2018, the Olmix Plant Care team in Asia is working through partnership with Thanh Thanh Cong Bien Hoa to develop several organic farming projects in Laos, Cambodia, to be exported to other countries in South East Asia.

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Mycotoxins:the silent threat in aquaculture

More and more data is being published to describe the effects mycotoxins have on fish and shrimp, describing a wide variety of symptoms and responses.

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Seaweed Valorization: from production to application

Olmix Group’s Scientific Director, Dr. Pi Nyvall, chaired the technical webinar hosted by the European Algae Biomass Association, which put the focus on the relevance of seaweed cultivation and the link between science, technology and business