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Innovation & Blue Growth Symposium




Oceanography and marine bio-resources

face to global challenges


The "Innovation and Blue Growth" symposium, which will be held in Qingdao in China from the 28th to the 30th of October 2013 is one of the first international actions of the Maritime Innovative Territories International Network, MiTiN. Organized by Qingdao (China) and Brest (France) with the support and contributions of the MiTiN network, the symposium will bring together experts from the scientific, economic, private and public sectors. Through scientific advice and the analyses of technical, economic and regulatory conditions, stakes and perspectives will be highlighted for a better understanding of the ocean and a better valorization of its resources, especially the biological ones.

Two topics will be discussed in two sessions: oceanography and marine bio-resources. Advances in oceanography research can give a better knowledge of the complexity of the physical, chemical and biological processes that govern the marine environment. Fundamental knowledge of the ocean will open the way to sustainable exploitation of marine bio-resources for food, energy or health-related challenges.

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About Brest

At the heart of a 90 municipalities and 400,000 residents area, Brest Métropole Océane is the anchor of Western Brittany.

Established on a voluntary basis in 1973, the Urban Community of Brest, Brest Métropole Océane as today, includes eight founding towns, 210 000 local population.

Located in the west of Brittany, Brest is one of the most advanced naval construction cities in Europe, and is also famous of its national sailing competition center and the marine R & D center of France. Moreover, Brest has a strong culture of fishing, tourism and farming.

During the international festival "Tonnerres de Brest" which takes place every four years, Brest invited Qingdao as an honorary guest on the occasion of its 5th international festival (20th anniversary).


About MITIN: Maritime Innovative Territories International Network

Combining socio-economic development and environmental protection is the objective of sustainable development policies.

In the maritime domain, the goal of "blue growth" is an international key-point but also a challenge. The exploitation of marine resources, energy, minerals and food, has become vital to the global development. But faced with these challenges, experts have been warning our maritime communities that the maritime activities already have an impact on the ocean environment, and mostly the global climate change and the biology of our planet. By recognizing the complexity of the balance between ocean exploitation and conservation, a score of "maritime territories", including the largest global platforms of marine science and technology:

Brest, Qingdao, San Diego, Kiel, and Rimouski founded the "International Network of Innovative Maritime Territories" (RITMI) in July 2012. By signing the "Agreement for blue growth" these territories have declared their willingness to create a new maritime economy, based on a better understanding of the ocean and sustainable exploitation of marine resources.


About Olmix Asia

OLMIX started its sales activities in Asia in 2000 and then opened a representative office in Vietnam in 2005 to strengthen its position and to increase the penetration of its products on this expending market.

The group took seriously in consideration the Asian animal nutrition economic boom, especially in south eastern Asia as in Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand or Malaysia.

This local implantation gave the possibility to Mister Thanh Quang Trinh, OLMIX Asia Pacific Director, to promote OLMIX products towards the biggest players of the market such as CP, Proconco, Betagro or Japfa with success. 2 years later, in 2007 the Chinese subsidiary started its activity with the world famous product Mistral®.

In March 2010 the second product MT.x+, based on algae and clay patented Amadeite®, entered the Chinese market. This 2nd product allowed the Chinese subsidiary to expand and the team is now counting 15 persons and is driven by mister LU NAN, who was a Chinese student when he started to learn about OLMIX products on the French market.

The representative office of Vietnam is now linked to a network of offices in Cambodia and Indonesia, and to premium distributors in Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Myanmar and the rest of the South eastern Asia. The Chinese subsidiary is itself linked to 30 distributors to cover this big country. In total the Asian turnover represents now more than 25 % of the Ecoconcept turnover for OLMIX and its expansion is about 30% growth per year.

OLMIX believes in its Asian development more than ever.

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