Human Care

Olmix Group, one of the nominees for the Food Matters Live Awards


The ceremony will take place in London, United Kingdom, on the 19th November.

Plant Care

Developing new fertilization strategies


German farmer Mr Frank Spörner uses Mineral Inducer Process technology to boost soil’s life and thus soil’s fertility and plant nutrition.

Olmix Group

The versatility of seaweed polysaccharides


Olmix Group highlighted the biological properties of specific algae extracts at EPNOE 2019 in Aveiro, Portugal.

Plant Care

Olmix Group introduces its biostimulant range in Vietnam



The Group’s Seatech technology is now available in the country.

Olmix Group

Olmix Group hosts the Coopérative des Producteurs de Porcs de la Réunion at production facilities in Binh Duong, Vietnam


The French delegation and Olmix’s representatives shared their concerns about the pork industry in Asia in a current context of the African Swine Fever.

Animal Care

Prevention and control of mycotoxin contamination at the World Mycotoxin Forum 2019


Olmix Group delivered a scientific lecture and presented the Olmix Myco’Simulator in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Plant Care

Olmix Plant Care teams hold international meeting on algae and biostimulants


Olmix Plant Care international team gathered last September at the Breizh Algae School (Bréhan, France) to hold several meetings and technical workshops to keep up to date with the latest trends related to the biostimulants market and the research of algae in plant production.

Plant Care

Olmix Group launches its Olmix Plant Care range in Taiwan



The company is introducing several products for photosynthesis optimization, crop resistance, foliar fertilization, humification and soil activation into the Taiwanese market.