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News: Animal Care

Animal Care

The relevance of immunity in poultry production


Algimun® supports poultry immune system and preserves the integrity of the digestive system.

Animal Care

Algae at the service of laying hens digestive performance


New scientific article on DigestSea®.

Animal Care

Algo-Ceutical products for the management of sows and piglets


Pig producers are seeking alternatives to face the antimicrobial resistance challenge.

Animal Care

Sanitation of swine farms challenged by viral pathogens


Mistral as a key factor to secure successful farm’s sanitation protocols.

Animal Care

Mistral® production is coming to the USA!



The industry preferred drying agent is coming to the US to meet the needs of producers and maximize their profitability.
Animal Care

The importance of colostrum intake by piglets born from hyper-prolific sows


Improving the immune status of young piglets has become a must for pork producers.

Animal Care

African Swine Fever: an overview


An insight into one of the most devastating animal diseases in recent years.

Animal Care

Algae to improve the digestion performance of laying hens


A study in France confirmed the biological activity of macroalgae specific extracts on liver function.