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Animal Care

Olmix took part in the 84th PVMA Scientific Conference and Annual Convention in Baguio, Philippines


Dr Marine Josso, from the Olmix Animal Care Technical Service, delivered two speeches on the beneficial effects of algae on immune transfer in swine and on the liver protection in laying poultry.

Animal Care

The company OOO “OLMIX” took part in the exhibition “AgroFarm 2017”


The Russian representative office of OLMIX GROUP took part in the “AgroFarm 2017” exhibition, which was held in Moscow, Russia, on the 7-9 February.

Animal Care

Olmix Group and BaltuVet will host a technical seminar in Jelgava, Latvia


The symposium, entitled 'An approach to a healthier livestock production', will shed light on different topics such as the role of algae in agriculture, how to improve the environmental hygine in the farm, a practical approach to mycotoxins and how to reinforce animals’ natural defenses.

Animal Care

Olmix Group, one of the most growing companies in France


According to the French financial newspaper ‘Les Échos’, Olmix Group is one of the most dynamic companies in France, being ranked 17th out of 500 on the ‘Growth Champions’ list.

Animal Care

Olmix Group will sponsor a technical meeting in the University of Piacenza in Italy


The University of Piacenza will hold a technical meeting on aflatoxin contamination in maize next Thursday, 9th February.

Animal Care

Olmix to take part in IPPE 2017


Olmix will be present at the next edition of the International Production & Processing Expo. Our team will hold the stand B8284.

Animal Care

Breizh Algae Invest, Olmix Group’s subsidiary, celebrates the official opening of PICNIC restaurant in Singapore


The French stall will serve the SAGA Chicken, antibiotic-free chicken Thanks to Algae!

Animal Care

Olmix will be Gold Sponsor for the 2nd Symposium on Alternative to Antibiotics (ATA) in animal production


The symposium, to be held from 12th to 15th December in Paris (France), will be focused on the latest scientific breakthroughs and technologies to prevent and treat animal diseases and reduce the use antibiotics in agriculture.