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Animal Care

MFeed+'s excellent results on fish performance presented at the Fish Industry Research Days


The "Fish Industry Research Days" which take place every 2 years in Paris, gathered on July, 5-6 the researchers and stakeholders of the aqua industry to discuss the latest work done in this industry. 

Animal Care

Olmix Group took part in the ‘Encuentro AMVEAV’ in Mexico


Mr. Gabriel Alvarez, Olmix Groups’ Consultant in Latin America, delivered a presentation entitled ‘The future of grain’.

Animal Care

Olmix Group held a seminar in Bangladesh, Dakha


The company organized a seminar in the capital of Dakha to show its wide range of solutions based on clay and algae.

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Olmix at the World Mycotoxin Forum


The company has received dozens of visitors at booth number 12 during the first 2 days of the event. Julia Laurain, Olmix's Technical Service Manager, delivered a presentation yesterday.

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Olmix ready for the World Mycotoxin Forum


The company will hold a booth (number 12) at ballroom 1. Besides, Julia Laurain, Olmix’s Technical Service Manager Europe, will deliver a speech on Tuesday 7th June, at 3.00pm entitled “Correlation in the occurrence of fusariotoxins in different contaminated feed materials”.

Animal Care

Olmix to present a poster at the IPVS in Dublin, Ireland


Matthieu Le Goff, Olmix's Manager Development Algo-Ceutical, will present a study about the immunomodulation effect of several EA concentrations, administrated orally to gilts.

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Olmix International Seminar: tackling antibiotic resistance


The Olmix International Seminar on Health and Nutrition was held in Bali (Indonesia), from 16th to 17th May.

Animal Care

Murilo Piva: "Technology is helping us take advantage of algae properties"


Olmix Group's Territory Manager in Brazil was interviewed by the local magazine feed&food, where he talked about the activities of the company and the importance of technology to improve the productivity.