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Animal Care

MFeed and MFeed+ highlighted at the Asian-Pacific Aquaculture 2016


Olmix Group took the opportunity at the Asian-Pacific Aquacutlure 2016 to show two of its Animal Care range products: MFeed and MFeed+

Animal Care

Olmix Group launches Mistral in Peru


Olmix Group continues expanding its product ranges all around the world. After launching MFeed+ in Vietnam in March, the company has just presented its litter conditioner Mistral in Peru.

Animal Care

Olmix to sponsor the Brasil Sul de Avicultura symposium in Chapecó, Brazil


As one of the most innovative companies in the marine biotechnology field, Olmix will participate both as sponsor and exhibitor at the Brasil Sul de Avicultura symposium, to be held in Chapecó, Brazil, from 5th to 7th April.

Animal Care

Olmix’s technology to boost aquaculture


After being presented last Monday at Aquafeed Horizons Asia, Olmix Group’s technology, based on clay and seaweed, is present today at Victam Asia (Bangkok, Thailand) in order to help boosting the aquaculture industry.

Animal Care

Olmix launches MFeed+ for aquaculture in Vietnam


Olmix participated in Ildex Vietnam and took this opportunity to launch MFeed+ for aquaculture. Olmix celebrated the launching with a gala dinner with customers and partners.

Animal Care

Pig, Poultry and Dairy Focus Asia: Second day of conferences


The second day of the Dairy, Pig and Poultry Focus Asia turned to be as productive and interesting as the opening day. This time, the presentations were focused on several aspects about animal health management in different production systems. Olmix Group was represented on stage by Danièle Marzin, the company's Marketing Director.

Animal Care

Pig, Poultry and Dairy Focus Asia: First day of conferences


Pi Nyvall Collén, Olmix Group’s Scientific Manager, opened up the keynote session of the Pig, Poultry and Dairy Focus Asia in Bangkok, Thailand, on the subject “Animal performance improvement Thanks to Algae”. The presentation covered general information on algae and, more specifically, macroalgae (or seaweed) which are the focus of development for Olmix Group.

Animal Care

Olmix Group delivered a presentation at the 10th Bi-Annual Pheasant Management Seminar in Janesville (USA)


Over 100 participants from around the world gathered together at the 10th edition of the Bi-Annual Pheasant Management Seminar. María Ángeles Rodríguez, Olmix Group’s Technical Service Manager, presented a discussion of mycotoxins effects upon game bird health and performance.