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Olmix Group

New strategy and management for Olmix Russia


Olmix's offices in Russia will be moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Mr Nicolas Pasanau has been appointed General Manager of the new entity, which will be renamed as 'Olmix Russia'.

Olmix Group

Green seaweed contains immunomodulatory agents; validated patent for Olmix Group


The patent issued to Olmix Group thus confirms that green seaweed can help strengthen the immune defences of animals and human beings and are a focus of development to prevent many diseases.

Olmix Group

Olmix Group to take part in Seagriculture 2016


Pi Nyvall, Olmix R&D Manager and member of the event's Advisory Committee, will be delivering a speech during the 6th plenary session.

Olmix Group

Johannes Tuinhof, new Commercial Director at Melspring International B.V.


The way of thinking of the new Commercial Director will fit seamlessly with the vision and goals of Melspring. 



Olmix Group

Olmix Group received 30 students from the “Classe en Entreprise” Program


Students from the Langlais de Pontivy school had the opportunity to visit Olmix Group headquarters from the 26th to the 28th April. Olmix Group held a press conference on the last day of the visit.

Olmix Group

Breizh Algae School: “Discovering Algae”


Last Tuesday the center opened its doors to 80 locals from Saint-Étienne-du-Gué-de-l'Isle (France) that had the opportunity to learn about algae through a dynamic workshop entitled "Discovering Algae".