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Melspring launches Marathon TCR



At the Bigga Turf Management Exhibition (BTME) in Harrogate, Melspring International B.V. has launched its new product Marathon TCR. 

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Vos Capelle responsible for commercial activities Melspring Farmers House


Melspring International B.V. has recently taken over the Farmers House factory in Rogat. A strategic move in sync with the vision of the company. Melspring has evolved from a trading company to an innovative producer with its own corporate foot print.

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Olmix Plant Care takes over Farmers House factory


Olmix Plant Care announces the acquisition of Farmers House production facility in Rogat, The Netherlands. This take-over has taken place on October 28th, 2016. With the acquisition of the factory, Olmix is able to further develop innovative fertiliser solutions and to increase its production output to serve the growing demand of its customers worldwide.


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Where R&D and practice meet


Melspring enters into an industrial partnership with STERF (Scandinavian Turf & Environmental Research Foundation) in 2016. 

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Promising results of SeaMel at trial locations in Bordeaux


Last week the Technical Team of Melspring Plant Care visited the trial sites in the Bordeaux area.

Plant Care

Melspring participated in a technical seminar in Extremadura, Spain


Georges Veber, Melspring's Area Manager in southern Europe, gave a conference to show the results of a recent study from the Sports Turf Research Institute on Melspring's products.

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MelgreenMn has a new, enhanced formula


Our Plant Care product MelgreenMn has a new, enhanced formula. Due to a renewed composition of seaweed extracts the results of this manganese product, part of the Melgreen Liquid Range, have greatly improved.

Plant Care

Melspring launches Melspray in Dalat, Vietnam


Together with distributor H.A.I. Agro JSC, Melspring has successfully launched Melspray in Dalat in Vietnam. During this big event in Dalat, in the South of Vietnam, 60 attendees came to see the launch, including 25 key dealers from Dalat and the Mekong Delta and also including 15 farm owners.