Animal Care

Improving immunity and intestinal integrity


Danièle Marzin, Olmix Group's Marketing Director, talks about how Algimun, one of Olmix's latest innovative solutions, helps to reinforce the immune system and the intestinal integrity of animals.

Animal Care

Olmix’s strategies for mycotoxin risk management


Maria Angeles Rodriguez, Olmix Group's For Feed Product Manager, describes how mycotoxins affect animals in the farm, their subclinical effects and their economical consequences.

Plant Care

Explorer, the range of rooting stimulators


Enabling farmers to produce more quantity with better quality while using less fertilizers, our Explorer range meets the actual expectations of agriculture.

Animal Care

Olmix Group's antibiotic-free program


Ms Elodie Lazennec, For Farm Product Specialist from Olmix Group, describes the company's antibiotic-free program and the steps to get it implemented in the farm.

Animal Care

Myco’Simulator now available on Google Play and App Store!


The App is a unique interactive tool to easily visualize mycotoxin complex conformations and interactions. 

Install it for free on your smartphone!

Animal Care

A new milestone in Olmix Group’s commercial activity in Serbia



The company launches several products for Immunity, Mycotoxin Risk Management and Digestive Welfare.

Plant Care

Seaweed-based plant and soil biostimulants as tools for agroecological practices


Olmix Group discussed the way to move towards sustainability in order to reduce the dependency on chemicals in agricultural practices at the recent AlgaEurope 2019 event in Paris, France.

Animal Care

Mistral, for a reasoned management of the digital dermatitis risk


After 2 years of research and trials, the effectiveness of Mistral® application in dry footbath and its practicality have been highlighted and attested!