Animal Care

Algae extracts to reinforce the immune system of animals


Olmix Group delivered a speech on the proven properties of specific algae extracts to modulate immune responses in broilers at the World Veterinary Poultry Association Congress in Bangkok.

Animal Care

Olmix launches the Myco’Simulator at the World Mycotoxin Forum 2019



The international meeting will be held in Belfast, Northern Ireland, from 14-16 October.

Animal Care

Managing digestive troubles of post weaning pigs



Olmix Group launches SeaBiotaTM, to ensure digestive welfare of post weaning and finishing pigs.

Animal Care

Olmix Group to launch SeaBiota TM at SPACE 2019


SeaBiota TM is the new innovation by Olmix to ensure digestive welfare of post-weaning and finishing pigs.

Olmix Group

Olmix Group to take part in SPACE 2019


SPACE 2019, one of the most important and prestigious exhibitions for animal production in Europe, will take place in Rennes, France, from 10-13 September.

Animal Care

Mistral to reduce the risk of mortality in the farm


Recent research by University of Novi Sad, Serbia, shows that keeping good environmental conditions in farrowing unit is the key to decrease mortality rates of piglets in the farm.

Animal Care

Algae to reduce the use of antibiotics in the farm


Mr Dominique Moisan, owner of a cow farm in the north west of France, in Brittany, applies algae-based programs to reduce the use of antiobics and to head towards a healthier mode of animal production. Results are just outstanding.

Animal Care

Olmix Group launches Animal Care range in Bangladesh


Full portfolio for Environmental Hygiene, Immunity, Digestive Efficiency and Digestive Welfare is now available in the country.