Animal Care

Health and intestinal integrity in piglets


Mr Edgar Chi Moreno, Olmix Group's representative in Northern Latin America, describes how specific algae extracts can help to reduce the impact of diarrhea in piglets.

Human Care

Algae, human health and nutrition at the Interceltic Festival of Lorient


Olmix Group sponsored the event and highlighted the benefits of seaweeds for humans.

Animal Care

Combatting the most occurring mycotoxin in America


The 2018 Poultry Science Association Annual Meeting (San Antonio, Texas) was the best spot for Olmix Group to share its latest work to combat fumonisins, most occurring mycotoxins worldwide

Animal Care

Food digestibility and its effects on feed conversion and weight gain


Olmix Group addressed the importance of digestibility at recent AMVEAV 2018 in Boca Del Río (Veracruz, Mexico) .

Olmix Group

Developing the algae industry in Saudi Arabia


Olmix Group took part in a scientific workshop in Riyadh to discuss the potential of seaweed in animals, plants and humans.

Animal Care

Olmix Group’s most advanced seaweed technologies: immunomodulatory and antibacterial activities of algae extracts


Olmix Group organized two scientific seminars in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi on how to take advantage of the powerful biological properties of algae to replace antibiotics in animal farming.

Human Care

Fibersea® and Emulsea® are now certified "Organic"


Olmix Human Care just obtained from "Bureau Veritas", the "Organic" certification for its algae-based solutions Fibersea® and Emulsea®.

Olmix Group

A future-oriented partnership between Dangote Group & Olmix Group to develop algae-based technologies


Olmix Group, one of the major global specialists in marine biotechnology and green chemistry, and Dangote Agro -part of Dangote Group-, Nigerian incorporated company that is heavily investing in agribusiness and agriculture services, have signed up a mutual collaboration to promote the use of algae-based technologies in the domain of agriculture and human health.