2nd World Biostimulants Congress: a change in the agricultural sector

The event has pointed out the importance of the role of biostimulants in agriculture

The 2nd World Biostimulants Congress started on Monday 16th in Florence (Italy) for 4 days of conferences that will contribute to a better understanding of the role and use of biostimulants in agriculture.

Our Plant Care R&D Team has joined around 1,000 delegates gathered to explore the latest technical and scientific knowledge on biostimulants, which are being increasingly used in crop production all around the world. Olmix Group were represented by Pi Nyvall -R&D Managing Director and PhD in Plant Physiology-, Sara Boeke -responsible for the fundamental background (modes of action) of our products-, and Ton Terlouw -responsible of the commercial transformation of our innovation.

The World Biostimulants Congress is a prestigious event and a powerful tool to get the acceptance of biostimulants as an independent category in the fertilizers legislation.