Algae to boost aquaculture


Last week Olmix Group took part in the Asian-Pacific Aquaculture 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Hosted by the Department of Fisheries, the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture, and organized by the World Aquaculture Society, the Asian-Pacific Aquaculture 2017 (25-27 July, Kuala Lumpur), turned out to be a complete success. The event gathered around 2,700 visitors and attracted more than 170 exhibitors from 50 different countries.  

Olmix Group took the opportunity and played a key role at the event. From the first day, the Olmix Aqua Care Team ran the Booth 121, where we had so many interesting encounters and discussions on our algae-based products to encourage sustainable aquaculture practices within the industry.

On the second day, Olmix also made its appearance on stage to participate in the three-day conference programme. Mr Alexandre Veille, in charge of the Aquaculture Development within Olmix, delivered a scientific presentation entitled Shrimp L. Vannamei challenged with EMS/AHPND causing bacteria and the efficacy of clay, algae and copper premix on the health performance.

The Olmix Team ran the Booth 121.

“EMS related declines 2011-13 were expected for China (-26%), Thailand (-47%) and Vietnam (-43%). India and Indonesia expected substantial increases in production 2011-13: +136 and +42% respectively, assuming no major impact from EMS/ AHPNS. We should be aware of the health triangle: relationship of the micro-organism, the fish or shrimp and the environment. Disease occurs in the central area where the three circles overlap”, he said.

Mr Veille also shed light on the treament disease in Aquaculture and gave some key points for disease prevention. According to him the “Olmix’s natural solution MFeed helps to improve the morphology of the intestinal mucosa and has a positive effect on growth performance.

Moreover, Mr Veille presented some MFeed trials on L. vannamei in order to show how this product helps to decrease the pathogenic pressure in the gut: “Shrimp fed with MFeed are less affected by vibrio spp. and have a higher survival rate in outbreak conditions. MFeed, a natural solution from Olmix, is an efficient alternative to support gut health and improve zootechnical performance”. 

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