Algae, human health and nutrition at the Interceltic Festival of Lorient

Olmix Group sponsored the event and highlighted the benefits of seaweeds for humans.

As if no time had passed since last year’s edition, Olmix Group was, once again, one of the key players of the Interceltic Festival of Lorient (Lorient, France) not only by sponsoring this major event, but also by offering a wide range of activities to promote the benefits of algae and marine resources for human health and nutrition.

Towards antibiotic-free production: Breizh Algae food truck

The Breizh Algae food truck also made its presence felt among the attendees of the Festival by serving antibiotic-free meat and its famous SAGA turkey. But... what is SAGA?

The SAGA project started in 2017 by testing antibiotic-free production on 4 Turkey flocks. It ended up by the first positive result of antibiotic-free production Thanks to Algae. Then, the Olmix Animal Care started a partnership with ‘La Trinitaise’ -a French high-quality meat processor- to develop a protocol to raise turkey without antibiotics and commercialize them as so called “raised without the use of antibiotics since hatching”.

Algae & health

Lastly, Mr Hervé Balusson, Olmix Group’s CEO & President, closed the conference after sharing the latest updates on Human Care projects Thanks to Algae!

“When we talk about Human Care we talk about the last actor of the food chain. That means that, if we want to improve health of humans, we should do so by taking care first of plants and animals. We are now investing in research and development to look for natural alternatives for human nutrition such as algae-based food supplements and complements to make that goal reachable”.

Algae-based food tasting by chef Catherine Le Joncour.

Algae-based food tasting by chef Catherine Le Joncour.