Algimun®, Olmix Group’s latest algae-based innovation, to be launched at VIV Asia

Algimun® reinforces animals’ natural defences to make them more robust, and resistant to daily challenges.

After a promising presentation at SPACE (Rennes, France) and a successful official European launch last November at the Breizh Algae Tour (Berlin, Germany), it is now turn for Algimun®, Olmix Group’s latest algae-based innovation to reinforce animals natural defences, to be released in Asia.

On the occasion of the upcoming Olmix Satellite Seminar and VIV Asia 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand, to be held from 13-15 March, the company will be presenting Algimun® at both the symposium and trade fair (Booth H103–1770), and will share the latest  technical updates on its biological properties and the Olmix biorefinery know-how behind the development of this new solution that associates two unique algae extracts: MSP®IMMUNITY and MSP®BARRIER.

About Algimun®

  • Sustainable solution, 100% based on natural seaweeds extracts.
  • Synergistic combination for comprehensive solution.
  • Algimun® strategically associates two MSP® issued from Olmix research to fully target the main challenges of animal production systems: gut health and immunity. The objective is to make the animals resilient to better face daily stressors and fully express their genetic potential.
  • Fully elucidated mode of action: Algimun® associates MSP®BARRIER which enhances the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa and reduces the invasion of pathogens, and MSP®IMMUNITY, which modulates innate and adaptive immune responses.
  • For consistent results and benefits for producers.

Algimun®, to be launched in Asia.

Algimun® provides with a long-term protection. It supports the modulation of the immune function and its efficacy has been demonstrated in several scientific and commercial trials carried out in broilers, swine and aquaculture. Algimun® application in the feed during the whole cycle and more particularly in early stages (starter and grower phases) when animals are the most sensitive improves gut health and immune response for optimized performances and profitability. Algimun® is recommended to be used by home-mixers, feed millers, integrators and pre-mixers.

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