Amadeite Pharmaceuticals, a company backed by Olmix Group, was awarded at the 21st i-Lab Innovation Awards

i-Lab 2019, one of the most renowned contests in terms of tech-innovation in France, chose Amadeite Pharmaceuticals, an Olmix Human Health backed division, as one of the winners following a recent study on an algae-based drug to reinforce the immune system in humans.

Hosted by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, and Bpifrance the 21st edition of the i-Lab Innovation Awards were successfully held last Thursday, 4th July. The awards, which shed light on those remarkable innovative companies within the tech-innovation industry, selected Olmix Group, particularly the Olmix Human Health division, as one of the winners after the publication of a recent study in cooperation with the University Hospital of Nantes.

Aim of the study

After developing and patenting a process for extracting active molecules from algae, both in vitro and in vivo tests have demonstrated their stimulatory effects on immune cells and antibiotic activity in different pathological models.

These studies, carried out at the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM) and at the University Hospital of Nantes (CHU) have led to the creation of Amadeite Pharmaceuticals (part of Olmix Group) which has two missions: first, the production of a drug from an algae extract with preclinical properties and interesting immune system stimulation effects in immunocompromised patients; and secondly, the development of new antibiotics.

Amadeite Pharmaceuticals was awarded at the 21st i-Lab Innovation Awards.

Indeed, experiments carried out in the CHU have demonstrated the stimulating effect of the immune system avoiding its collapse in a context of various pathologies, being even able to avoid nosocomial diseases (including pneumonia). Along with this, another class of antibiotics has been discovered with promising effects on strains of resistant bacteria.

“This prize is an award for our international investment and research in algae-based solutions not only for Plant and Animal Care but also for Human Care. Thanks to algae we can nowadays look into new strategies for a healthier lifestyle and design a large number of natural products. Many applications are yet to be unveiled to meet the health challenges of today and tomorrow.”

Mr Pierre Rocheteau, Managing Director of Human Health.