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Antibiotic-free production at Brasil Sul de Avicultura Thanks to Algae!


The local television RIC TV Record Chapecó has recently shared a news video on the Brasil Sul de Avicultura symposium (Chapecó, Brazil), where it shows the key activities of Olmix Group.

The Olmix’s team in Brazil took the opportunity to participate in the Brasil Sul de Avicultura symposium, held in Chapecó, Brazil, from the 4th to the 6th April. Both the Sales and Technical Service teams from Olmix welcomed many attendees at the Stand 18, who were interested in the natural algae-based solutions that Olmix offers for animal and plant production.

Such is the interest raised by the advanced technology that Olmix uses in its production processes, that the local television RIC TV Record Chapecó has highlighted Olmix as one of the main participants of the event on a recent video news report.

As the video shows, the deep concern to reach a healthy food chain has led several companies to use new technologies in order to address and face the main challenges of the animal husbandry sector. That is indeed the case of Olmix Group, a company that makes use of algae properties to produce natural alternatives to antibitiocis.

“Besides improving the immunity of animals, Olmix’s natural solutions help to keep a clean environment in the farm. Our products are completely adapted to the undeniable global ecological trend”, Mariel Neves Tavares, Olmix’s Sales Regional Manager, explained.

You can watch here the whole video report in Portuguese.

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