Bio-alternatives at Terre 2018


Mr Hervé Balusson, Olmix Group CEO & Founder, has participated at one of the round tables at Terre 2018 in Rennes, France, where he described the strategies to follow to increase sustainability in the French agrarian sector.

Sponsored by Olmix Group, Terre 2018, the important french symposium on the latest issues concerning the French agroindustry, was succesfully held at the Couvent des Jacobins in Rennes, France. The event brought together around 800 participants from France and Europe who were involved in technical meetings and high-level round table:

  • Relationship between producers and distributors : how to create a chain of value with equalty
  • Organic and pesticide-free plans.
  • International commercial agreements

As one of the key players of the day, Olmix Group was represented by Mr Hervé Balusson, the company’s CEO & Founder, who took part in the discussion group on the bio as the new engine of the French agriculture along with Mr Schöpges –President of the European Milk Board-, Mr Riou –President of the National Federation of Organic Agriculture- and Mr Gruffat –President of Biocoop.

“There are several questions that need to be answered when it comes to the agro-economy sector in France: what is the real demand of consumer nowadays? Is there a real growth relay? And what is the production capacity of the country? To me, it is very clear that we have to find a new engine to allow us produce in a more efficient way, which is no other than betting on bio-alternatives, and we can already do this today with algae”, Mr Balusson said.

According to him, these bio-solutions are no other than natural marine resources to be used in the primary industry:

Mr Hervé Balusson during his intervention at Terre 2018.

“We have to go for organic, local and decarbonated systems. We can find in nature many solutions and resources to reduce and even replace the use of antibiotics, pesticides and additives. It is a matter of health and sustainability”, he explained.

Indeed, the oceans contain specific molecules and minerals, being algae the most outstanding ones. As global specialists, Olmix Group places algae at the heart of its business thanks to their diverse biological properties to be used to face challenges in humans, plants and animals. An other way to increase food products quality and well remunerate our french farmers.

“We have idenfitied algae as a renewable raw material with untapped potential. Olmix Group brings natural sources of nutrition and health to plants, animal and people for a complete food and health chain. Our three divisions, Plant Care, Animal Care and Human Care, pursue the same objective, which is no other than producing more with less while improving food safety and respecting animals, people and the environment. To meet this challenge, we strongly bet on algae and marine resources”.

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