Breizh Algae School opens its doors to 19 international students

19 Master’s students from the Audencia Nantes School of Management visited the recently opened Breizh Algae School in Bréhan (France).

It can be said that Breizh Algae School has a date to mark on the calendar. After being officially inaugurated last September, the school received yesterday the first visit of 19 international students, who had the opportunity to learn about the work and philosophy of the world’s first training centre in algae.

The students from the Audencia Nantes School of Management took the most of the tour through different activities and seminars organized by the centre and Olmix Group, which was involved in the event.

First, the group attended a lecture on the structure and activities carried out by Breizh Algae and Olmix Group worldwide and about the concept of algae in different countries, including its role in a new economic era.

After that, the students could exchange opinions and discuss the important issue of antibiotic resistance in the animal sector, new models of production and the risks of using pesticides in agriculture. To give an answer to all the questions raised during the dynamic talk, the students were informed about the solutions provided by Olmix Group for the animal, plant and human sectors. In fact, the French company showed the results of a whole new production of chicken without antibiotics, basing it only on natural processes thanks to algae.

Not only could the young visitors talk about the universe of algae, but also taste it themselves: they enjoyed a special table with a selection of dishes prepared with seafood species and algae from Brittany itself.

That was enough energy for the group of students, who finished the tour with an interesting visit to Olmix Group’s laboratories and factory in Bréhan.