Complementary nutritional tools for corn silage


Olmix Group participated in the annual Dairy Trade technical meeting in Chile, where Murilo Piva, Olmix’s Area Manager in South America, delivered a scientific speech on the negative effects of fungi and mycotoxins in corn silage.

Dozens of professionals from the agricultural sector in South America gathered last Thursday in the Casa del Alto (Osorno, Chile) to attend the Dairy Trade’s annual technical meeting and discuss some of the hottest topics concerning animal production and nutrition.

Mr Murilo Piva, Olmix’s Area Manager in South America, was invited to the event as one of the speakers. Mr Piva went on stage and delivered a scientific presentation entitled Complementary Nutritional Tools for Corn Silage, where he showed the negative effects of mycotoxins in corn silage:

“Fungi and mycotoxins have a negative impact on the corn silage nutritional value. The main damage caused is immunosuppression due to polycontamination, which leads to lower performance”, he said.

Mr Piva also emphasised the utmost importance of carrying out strategies both to prevent and reduce the mycotoxin risk in animal production:

“The main key to combating mycotoxins in feed is to use a wide-spectrum adsorbent, given that forms of mycotoxin contamination are constantly evolving. A good binder must also be effective against mycotoxins such as deoxynivalenol and fumonisins that are difficult to bind because of their size and shape”, he explained.

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