Facing the main challenges of poultry farming, Thanks to Algae!

Olmix Group shared the latest research on specific-algae extracts to tackle the main issues of the poultry industry from a global perspective at the International Poultry Scientific Forum in Atlanta, USA.

Algae-based technology is proving to be a real asset for the poultry community all over the world. In recent years, research and scientific studies are showing great results in terms of animal performance and health management, which are leading poultry farmers to implement full algae-based programs and face the main challenges within the whole production process.

The huge interest showed by this type of technology is leading Olmix Group to put the focus on specific algae extracts, called MSP®, that the company has come up with through a unique biorefinery process, which allows producers to bet on sustainability and excellent ROI.

To raise awareness around this issue, Olmix joined the conversation at the Internatioanl Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF) in Atlanta, where the company was invited to share its expertise on the matter on stage by focusing on animals’ immunity and digestive efficiency.

An algae extract to improve vaccine response and performance in poultry

Algae offer a great variety of beneficial compounds, whose full potential can be revealed through a proper extraction process. That is why Olmix Group has developed a complete marine algae processing chain and a unique biorefinery process, allowing the extraction of innovative, powerful and biologically active molecules such as MSP®IMMUNITY.

“MSP®IMMUNITY has been tested in vitro on pig intestinal cells and in avian monocytes and heterophils. It has also been tested in vivo in field trials to show the activation of the innate and adaptative immune system. Research showed that it can be used to improve the vaccine response and performance in commercial conditions: pullets, layers and broilers,” Maria Angeles Rodriguez, Olmix’s For Feed Product Manager, explained during her conference.

Maria Angeles Rodriguez (Olmix Group).

In fact, recent studies have demonstrated the capacity of these algae extracts to modulate responses in broilers: Olmix Group, along with Brest University and Brest University Hospital in France, carried out a 3-year exhaustive research to assess the effect of MSP®IMMUNITY on avian immunity.

“This study proved the activation of the 2 main immune cell populations in poultry by MSP®IMMUNITY, and fully elucidated the mode of action and kinetic of their activation. All this suggest that MSP®IMMUNITY could be used to activate animal’s innate immune response and promote adaptive one to support their natural defenses, and the reduction of the use of antibiotics in farms,” Danièle Marzin, Olmix’s Marketing Director, said also on stage.


Improving digestibility and performance of broiler chickens

Danièle Marzin (Olmix Group).

Improving feed digestibility is a multi-faceted issue in animal nutrition. It contributes to improve livestock farming sustainability, by optimizing the use of available resources and by reducing environmental emissions, while increasing farming profitability

Olmix has recently conducted two experiments (one on digestibility and the second one on performance) to evaluate the effect of supplementing an algae-clay complex (ACC) on digestibility of the feed and performance of broiler chickens fed a corn-soy diet, which has got very interesting results for poultry farmers.

“Overall, the two experiments implemented in this study demonstrated that the ACC improves digestibility and performance in broiler chickens fed a standard corn-soybean based diet. The improved digestibility came along with a decreased nitrogen excretion, which is beneficial to the environment and contributes to more sustainable farming. Sustainable solutions are proving to be a real asset for producers!”, Ms Rodriguez said.


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