Inauguration of new Waterstromen / Vitalphos factory

The new Waterstromen factory in Olburgen where Melspring and the company Waterstromen are producing the Phosphate fertilizer Marathon Vitalphos was inaugurated last Friday.

Waterstromen is retrieving Phosphate at this location since 2005 from the process water of Aviko potato processor but never before a ready-to-use fertilizer was produced with the phosphate. Until now. With the collaboration of Waterstromen, Melspring International B.V. and Lumbricus, a new fertilizer is created under the name of Marathon Vitalphos. Marathon Vitalphos is perfect for renovation of sports fields and golf courses. The relationship between nitrogen and phosphate is ideal for grass that should catch on '. In the image, from left to right: Gijs van Selm, Managing Director Waterstromen, Jean-Marie Bocher, Managing Director Melspring International B.V., Maurice Evers of Lumbricus.