Marine algal sulphated polysaccharides at AVECAO Congress in Mexico

Olmix Group was involved in the 25th anniversary of the AVECAO Congress (Tepatitlán de Morelos, Mexico), where Ms María García Suárez, from Olmix’s Animal Care Technical Service, delivered two scientific presentations.

On the ocassion of its 25th anniversary, AVECAO Congress hosted a special edition on the 16th, 17th and 18th August at the Centro de Convenciones Olimpo (Tepatitlán de Morelos, Mexico), where dozens of experts from the poultry field gathered together to make the most of three technical days full of scientific presentations, workshops and dynamic discussions.

Once again, Olmix Group took the opportunity to participate in AVECAO and, as it has been these past years, played a key role on stage. This time, Ms María García Suárez, Veterinarian and Olmix’s Technical Service Regional Manager, delivered two scientific presentations -one on Wednesday 16th at Avilab Pre-Congress and the other one on Friday 18th.

Ms García’s first speech was entitled ‘Marine-sulphated polysaccharides as a strategy to boost immunity and improve the digestive status in poultry’. Her presentation shed light on the high importance to keep different components in the intestinal barrier:

“A proper functioning of the intestinal barrier is essential to keep a high-level sanitary status in poultry farming. The MSP (Marine Sulphated Polysaccharides) help us to reinforce the intestinal mucosa and, in consequence, to activate the immune response and mucine secretion”, she said.

Besides, Ms García explained that “the use of polysaccharides that come from marine macro-algae is a very interesting strategy when it comes to mycotoxin risk control”.

On August the 18th the veterinarian focused her speech on the intestinal problems that poultry might experience during the production period as well as the strategies to face these key situations:

“Introducing products based on marine algal polysaccharides in management programmes is a very interesting strategy since it allows us to face the challenges of the production cycle”, she pointed out.

María García Suárez delivered a speech at AVECAO 2017.

Avilab-Olmix: Stand 23, 24 & 25

Olmix and Avilab, its local distributor in Mexico, also shared the Stand 23, 24 & 25 at the exhibition area of the show. The Olmix team in Mexico took the opportunity to present to the attendees the Olmix's Algo-Ceutical range, which was introduced into the Mexican market last February. Edgar Chi Moreno, Olmix's Sales Manager in North Latin America, gave an overview of how these products can help us in animal husbandry:

"The Algo-Ceutical range is based on specific marine algae extracts, which are known worldwide as marine sulphated polysaccharides (MSP). All these products have a specific purpose and each of them aims to tackle the challenges that we have to face in poultry and swine production in Mexico", he said. 

For more information about the Olmix's Algo-Ceutical range: DigestSea | Searup | SeaLyt