Mrs María García Suárez: “Marine-sulphated polysaccharides help us to reduce the use of antibiotics in animal production”

The Olmix’s Technical Service Regional Manager was interviewed by the Spanish magazine Albéitar Portal Veterinaria during the international fair FIGAN 2017 that whas held in Zaragoza (Spain) last March.

Olmix Group was one of the participants of the international fair for animal production FIGAN 2017 that took place last March in Zaragoza, Spain. The company was present at the stand 20-22, where hundreds of attendees showed great interest in the Olmix’s algae-based natural solutions for both animal and plant production.

In this context, the Spanish magazine Albéitar Portal Veterinaria visited us to have an interview with Mrs María García Suárez, member of the Olmix’s Animal Care Technical Service, where she gave an overview of the activities of Olmix Group worldwide and explained the benefits and advantages of marine-sulphated polysaccharides. 

A.P.V. – How would you describe Olmix Group?

M. G. – Olmix is a French company located in Brittany, France, with a huge experience in the use of marine macroalgae for animal health purposes and more than 20 years of experience in the agricultural industry. The active ingredients that Olmix work with are extracted in our own production facilities.

A.P.V. – What kind of products does Olmix work with?

M. G. – We work with marine-sulphated polysaccharides, which are sugars that we extract from the walls of macroalgae. These polysaccharides have a particular structure that make them different from terrestrials plants. Their biological properties are unique. 

A.P.V. – What are their properties and benefits?

M. G. – Most Olmix’s products are based on the properties of marine-sulphated polysaccharides. Our different product functionalities aim at different issues concerning animal production such us the immunity and digestive welfare of animals, among others. Also, Olmix’s expertise in the mycotoxin risk and the environmental hygiene fields has been recognized worldwide.

Image: Albéitar Portal Veterinaria

A.P.V. –How does Olmix contribute to reducing the use of antibiotics in animal production?

M. G. – Olmix’s philosophy and strategy are very clear: to decrease the use of antibiotics in livestock production. Our products will help us when it comes to situations of higher sanitary pressure or ketosis problems, for example. They will also support vaccine programs and, one way or another, they will contribute to reducing the use antibiotics. Thanks to Olmix, Thanks to Algae!