Masterclass: Animal Care by Seaweed


Martin Scholten, general director of animal and marine science Wageningen University and Research (The Netherlands), visited Olmix Bréhan to give a stimulating presentation on his visions of the future for agriculture, development trends and the position of seaweed within this system for the Olmix area managers.


"We can harvest so much more valuable ingredients from the sea. The challenge is to apply these products in food and feed. Algae is a very interesting and valuable source of many nutrients like protein, lipids, but even more important, the fine biologically active elements contained in the algae, the sulfated polysaccharides. The “one health concept thanks to algae” from Olmix fits in the use of the sea treasure for the future!"

'Animal Care by Seaweed' in Olmix Bréhan

At the same occasion, he was able to visit the Roscoff Biological Station, an historical partner of Olmix research and get a view on history of and current developments in Seaweed research developed in Brittany.

Martin Scholten also got a view on the entire seaweed value chain from harvest to final product starting in Plouénan at Olmix partner plant (Agrival) with the first steps of the process : harvesting an cleaning.

He finished the tour in Bréhan with the specific algae biorefinery processing line allowing to produce semifinished and finished products.

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