Melspring opens Marathon Premium Store


Melspring is proud to announce that they have opened the first Marathon Premium Store in the Netherlands. The store of Pieter Roefs Graszoden V.O.F. in Soerendonk, specialist in turf, nutrition and maintenance, is fully Melspring branded as of March 2017. 

For many years now, turf specialist Pieter Roefs sells Melspring’s Marathon products to individuals, sports clubs, companies and municipalities. Distributor Vos Capelle delivers these products to Pieter Roefs. The Marathon fertilisers are used for construction and/or maintenance of turf and Pieter Roefs provides solid advice how to use the products year round. The demand of end-users for Marathon fertilisers has increased significantly. 

The patented, long-lasting organic mineral fertilisers improve soil fertility in such a way that all nutrients are available for the plant when it needs them, during the entire season, resulting in hard and dense turf.

Melspring, Vos Capelle and Pieter Roefs have joint forces to transform the store of Pieter Roefs into a Marathon Premium Store. And they can be proud of the result! Marathon Sport 16-4-8, Marathon Vitalphos and Marathon Sport 7-0-21 can now be bought in the Marathon Premium Store.

To conclude in Pieter Roefs’ words: "Whenever turf needs to be green: come take a look at our store, the coffee is ready!".

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