MFeed+ launch in North of Vietnam | Olmix


MFeed+ launch in North of Vietnam

Olmix Group, supplier of natural solutions for animal production from France, has made an official launch of a new product designed to enhance feed digestibility in Vietnam.


Taken place in Hanoi, this event was attended by over 50 feed millers, farmers and integrators from across northern region of the country.

Called ‘MFeed+,’ it is a combination of clay and seaweed, which is processed under Olmix’s patented technology.

Based on this unique association of clay and seaweed, MFeed+ optimizes the activity of enzymes in small intestine, leading to better digestion of feed, improved feed efficiency and hence the feed conversion rate.

“Trials conducted in Asia and worldwide have demonstrated that MFeed+ is an efficient solution for improving profitability in animal production,” said Dr Tran Sri-Trung, Olmix’s Technical Service Regional Manager. “Using mFeed+ for the gilts at 60 days ages to reduce 10 days escape”, said Mr Nguyen Hoa Binh, owner of Hoa Binh Swine Farm.

Alternatives to antibiotics

Along with a lengthy discussion on MFeed+ and results of its trials in poultry, swine, fish and shrimp at the event, Olmix also addressed on various issues related to the replacement of antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) and fish meal inclusion in feed.

Michel Guillaume, Olmix’s Technical Director, shared with the audience on ‘How to reduce the use of AGP in swine production and alternatives to the use of antibiotics in animal nutrition.’

He said it is not easy to secure respiratory and digestive functions of pigs once antibiotics are removed. This calls up on an association and combination of different technics in husbandry, management and nutrition, together with the assistance of various alternatives to antibiotics.

“There isn’t any single solution to replace antibiotics. In doing so, you need a range of alternatives, and these alternatives are more expensive than antibiotics. But you have no choice as the world is increasingly being at risk from antibiotic resistant bacteria. This problem will be leaving no room for excessive use of antibiotics in the future,” said Mr Guillaume.

Marie Gallissot, Olmix’s Technical Service Manager Asia Pacific, addressed on Olmix’s technology, which is based on clay minerals, trace elements and seaweeds.

In her presentation, she highlighted on extracts from seaweed namely ‘Marine Sulfated Polysaccharides’ or MSP.

Olmix has long been studying MSP. These studies show that unique structurers of MSP offer different properties that are beneficial to health and performance of animals such as immunomodulation and stimulation of mucin secretion.

Knowledge on MSP enables Olmix to develop a range of solutions to improve efficiency in animal production with less reliance on antibiotics. 


From 1 to 2,5 kg/t of swine, poultry and aqua feeds, according to feed formulation profile and performance on the farm.