Murilo Piva: “In 2020 animal protein consumption is going to increase sharply all over the world”

Olmix’s Area Manager was interviewed by Grupo Agro at IPPE 2017 in Atlanta, USA.

In the first week of February Olmix took part in IPPE in Atlanta, USA. The company held the Booth 8284, where hundreds of attendees had the chance to talk about Olmix’s natural solutions that aim to an antibiotic-free production and a full healthy food chain.

In this context, Murilo Piva, Olmix’s Area Manager South America, was interviewed by Grupo Agro, where he talked about Olmix’s latest news and gave his opinion about the future of the food industry.

About Olmix

“Olmix is nowadays one of the biggest leaders in algae and seaweed research worldwide. Our expertise makes us able to extract and take advantage of algae and Marine-sulfated polysaccharides in order to offer natural-based products that will help improve animals and plants welfare”.

About the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry

“In Olmix we aim to reach a healthy food chain by reducing the use of antibiotics, pesticides and chemicals in farming and agriculture. We have always shown our commitment to this philosophy”.

His perspective on the future

“Olmix offers a wide range of products in order to adapt to the challenges of the market as well as to customer needs and demands. We know that in 2020 animal protein consumption is going to increase sharply all over the world. In fact, more and more professionals are worrying about this issue. I am sure that Olmix and Brazil are going to be an example in how to cope with it by providing solutions to produce high quality protein”.


>> You can watch the whole interview here (in Portuguese)