Olmix and Montana held a successful event in Trujillo (Peru)

Olmix and its partner Montana organized an event to inform about the properties of the product MT.x+

Olmix Group and its partner Montana held an event in Trujillo (La Libertad, Peru) on Friday 24th in order to inform about the properties and advantages of one of our products, the mycotoxin binder MT.x+. With an audience of 80 people –the majority were owners of the most important companies in La Libertad-, the act took place in the El Gran Marqués hotel.

First, Dr. Rafael Falcón, expert in the field of poultry in Peru, gave a conference talk on clinical signs and harmful properties of mycotoxins in the digestive and immune system of birds. Then, Milagros Lostaunau, Olmix Regional Manager, delivered a lecture on the usage and benefits of the revolutionary MT.x+.

Finally, both attendees and organizers participated in a dynamic cocktail hour while carrying out the quiz “How much do you know about mycotoxins?” for a deep review of the general and technical information provided during the event.