Olmix Asia: Innovation & trend in animal production

The Olmix Asia Sales Meeting was held in Manila, Philippines, from 9-12 January. This meeting gathered all Olmix staff from several Asia countries where Olmix is active.

The Olmix Asia Sales Meeting 2018 was a great opportunity to review the Olmix activity in Asia during 2017 and put the focus on the perspectives for 2018. Mr Trinh Quang Thanh, Olmix Asia Manager, clearly explained how the team will evolve in the coming months and what employees and customers will be expecting from Olmix this 2018:

“On the people side, as more senior and experienced managers are joining Olmix Asia, we expect our team to be stronger and better. The key success factor of Olmix Asia is people. So, a strong focus in term of technical, sales, management training is being planned. Our core values such as Integrity, Customer Focus, Respect, Innovation, Commitment will be our motto to deliver and implement our strategy”, he said.

Eggshell hardness as well as egg color are affected negatively as the layers age. Providing pyroglutamate from MShell improves not only the calcium absorption to help birds to lay stronger eggshells, but also increases the albumen viscosity and egg homogeneity. With the use of algal sulfated polysaccharides (MSP®MUCIN from Olmix), it is possible to make quick and effective changes to protect gut integrity that also holds the key to good health for the birds.

But the ASM had yet more to offer. As an icing on the cake, participants had the chance to relax and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere at the Gala Dinner. Accompanied by live music by the ‘Philippino Band’, each Olmix country came up on stage and sing together some traditional songs from every country gathered in the hall.