Olmix Group and BaltuVet will host a technical seminar in Jelgava, Latvia

The symposium, entitled 'An approach to a healthier livestock production', will shed light on different topics such as the role of algae in agriculture, how to improve the environmental hygine in the farm, a practical approach to mycotoxins and how to reinforce animals’ natural defenses.

Olmix Group will deliver some technical conferences at the seminar that BaltuVet, Olmix’s distributor in Latvia, is organizing on Wednesday, 22nd February, in Jelgava.

The meeting will be opened by Mrs Pi Nyvall, Olmix R&D Responsible, who will talk about the role of algae in agriculture, focusing on what seaweed are and what they can bring to agriculture, as well as discussing the seaweed technology Olmix is using nowadays.

Then, Mr Piotr Cierpinski, Olmix’s Technical Service Regional Manager, will share his knowledge on how mycotoxins can affect the productivity and animals’ welfare and how to cope with this very common issue.

After that, Mr Freek van Essen, Olmix’s Territory Manager Animal Care, will take the lead and show the audience how to improve the environmental hygiene of the farm with Olmix’s litter conditioner Mistral. Mr Van Essen will go ahead and explain how to use this product in order tackle high levels of ammonia in calf rearing, common hoof problems and a high level of mortality during the farrowing period, among others.

To close the symposium, Mr Cierpinski will go on stage again to deliver a speech entitled ‘Immunity: Is my animal health challenged?’, to explain how to improve the health of animals in risk periods.

If you would like to attend this technical meeting, you can do it through BaltuVet's website.