Olmix Group extends its plant nutrition activities by the acquisition of Micromix Plant Health (UK) and its participation in the acquisition of Amendis (France)


Olmix consolidates its Plant Care activities in 2018. Following the acquisition of PRP Technologies in 2017, the French group continues its external growth with access to new markets and to additional industrial facilities.

The British company Micromix Plant Health (turnover £3.2 million), established in 1999 by Wilson Boardman at Langar near Nottingham, is specialised in foliar nutrition and algae-based biostimulants. Micromix focuses its product positioning on their contribution to the reduction of inputs (fertilisers, plant protection products) and their environmental impact. With its unique expertise in formulation to maximise the absorption of active substances by the plant, Micromix has a penetration rate of 20% of the micronutrients market in the United Kingdom, where it earns 55% of its sales revenue.

In 2014, the company opened a subsidiary in Brazil, which is now one of its principal export markets, together with South Korea and the Philippines. The industrial site at Langar covers an area of 2 ha, allowing Micromix to produce its own formulas, but also to carry out sub-contracted work for third companies. The acquisition was finalised on 19th June 2018 and Wilson Boardman will continue his work within Olmix, in particular organising the introduction of the group’s solutions in the USA and Canada.

On 11th September 2018, the Olmix Group was also involved in the acquisition of the French company Amendis (St Brieuc - 22), which is specialised in organic fertilisation. As part of the new Algalliance structure, Olmix joins the group’s management to take over Amendis’s activities and its Agronor industrial facility based at Plaintel (Côtes d’Armor). Previously run by Dominique Barreau, Amendis sells 60,000 tonnes of organic and organo-mineral improvers and fertilisers on the French market, with a turnover of €10.3 million. By participating in this acquisition, Olmix is gaining a foothold in a high-growth organic fertiliser market, not only in organic farming, but also in conventional production. Dominique Barreau will continue to bring his expertise to Amendis, thereby providing support for the transition.

These 2 acquisitions are part of the Olmix group’s strategy: to develop a healthy food chain thanks to algae. In this context, its research and development activities generate ever more alternatives to conventional chemical solutions, whether this is in livestock farming or crop production, food or human health. Having access to new technologies in these areas, to new markets and exploiting the potential of algae, an enormous renewable resource, enables us to significantly reduce the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides as well as the carbon footprint of agriculture. This is Olmix’s goal!

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