Olmix Group received 30 students from the “Classe en Entreprise” Program

Students from the Langlais de Pontivy school had the opportunity to visit Olmix Group headquarters from the 26th to the 28th April. Olmix Group held a press conference on the last day of the visit.

Olmix Group opened its doors to 30 students from the Langlais de Pontivy school on the occasion of the Classe en EntrepriseClass at a Company, in English- Program, organized by the UE-MEDEF of Morbihan, the French Ministry of National Education and the General Council of the country.

The purpose of Classe en Entreprise is to show young students a general overview of the different sectors and divisions of a company as well as its daily activities. At the end of the visit, the schoolars have to share their experience and exchange opinions with the rest of their colleagues.

The 30 students could fulfill their expectations at Olmix Group headquarters, where they visited departments such us Marketing and the Financial Department at the offices. Besides, to make the most of the experience, they could also visit the Olmix factory and the research laboratory.

To bring the visit to an end, Olmix held a press conference on the last day of the program, conducted by Olmix CEO and founder Hervé Balusson.