Olmix Group releases SeaGut Paste in Mexico

As part of the Olmix Animal Care ‘Algo-Ceutical’ range, SeaGut Paste is now available in the Mexican country through our local distributors Avilab and Sivet.

After releasing the Olmix Animal Care ‘Algo-Ceutical’ products DigestSea, SeaLyt and Searup in the Mexican market last February, it was just a matter of time for Olmix Group to add another name to that list: SeaGut Paste, the natural solution to ensure the digestive welfare of newborn piglets.

Why SeaGut Paste?

  • Protects the digestive tract: the supply of MSPMUCIN (Marine Sulfated Polysaccharides), originating from algae, boosts the production of mucin and increases the mucus layer in the intestinal tract. Micronized clays cover the epithelium, supplying mechanical protection. Mucosa is better protected and can optimize its barrier function.
  • Favors a balanced intestinal flora with selected essential oils and yeasts extracts.
  • Stabilizes physiologic balance: SeaGut Paste contains rapidly available energy sources (spirulina and dextrose) and electrolytes.

SeaGut Paste will be introduced into the Mexican country through Olmix Group’s local distributors in Mexico, Avilab and Sivet, in order to increase the number of solutions for Animal Care that the Olmix’s ‘Algo-Ceutical’ range provides:

“The ‘Algo-Ceutical’ range is based on algal specific extracts. Every product within this range aims to face a concrete challenge that we find in the Mexican animal husbandry sector”, Edgar Chi Moreno, Olmix Sales Manager in Mexico, explained during the launching event last February.