Olmix Group took part in Seagriculture 2016 | Olmix


Olmix Group took part in Seagriculture 2016

Olmix delivered a presentation on using seaweed extracts to improve feed use in animals and participated in a roundtable discussion.

Once again, the International Seaweed Conference, Seagriculture -held in Aveiro (Portugal) from 27th to 28th September- gathered a great group of professionals for a two-day programme that went into the many different applications of seaweed through diverse and dynamic conference talks and presentations.

The first day of the event was focused on questions concerning algoculture, both effects on composition and strategies of preventing diseases, as well as information on the economical aspects. Besides, another session was dedicated to legislation and certification presenting initiatives for European standardisation of aquatic biomass and a joint MSC-ASC standard for seaweed eco labelling.

The second day shed light on seaweed applications. As it could not be otherwise, Olmix took the lead and was represented on stage by Ms Pi Nyvall, Olmix’s R&D Responsible, who delivered a speech entitled ‘Seaweed extracts to improve feed use in animals’. After that, Ms Nathalie Boulho, Olmix’s Quality and Regulatory Affairs Department Manager, took part in a roundtable discussion on ‘How to match EU seaweed production with the expectations of the industry’, together with other companies’ representatives and scientists.