Olmix Group took part in Vetemontana S.R.L’s annual technical meeting in Spilamberto in Italy | Olmix


Olmix Group took part in Vetemontana S.R.L’s annual technical meeting in Spilamberto in Italy

Mrs María García Suárez, Olmix's Technical Service Regional Manager, delivered a speech on the Olmix’s multi-strategy to prevent mastitis in dairy cows.

It can be said that, for the second consecutive year, Olmix Group played a key role at the annual technical meeting that Vetemontana S.R.L held in Spilamberto (Italy) last week, which was attended by a total of 100 guests -farmers, veterinarians and nutritionists, among them.

Mrs María García Suárez, Olmix’s Technical Service Regional Manager, took the lead and went on stage to show the audience Olmix’s multiple approach to prevent mastits in dairy cows.

“There are several environmental factors related to an increased risk of infectious mastitis: humidity and/or high temperature are for sure two of them. Mistral, Olmix’s litter conditioner, prevents mastitis by ensuring a clean and dry environment for healthy animals”, she explained.

Mrs García also pointed out that other factors should be taken into account, as it is the case of immunosuppression: “We should consider other factors and try to minimize the effects of immunosuppression in the farm. Immunossupression may be caused by mycotoxins, which at the same time have a negative and direct impact on milk production and quality. To tackle this issue it is highly reccommended the use of MMi.S, Olmix’s toxin binder”.

Last, Mrs García explained how important is to stimulate the immune system of animals in every single phase of the production cycle so that they can resist environmental aggressors.

“In some phases of the production cycle, such us the transition period, we should pay attention to the immune system of animals, since defenses are generally weak. Searup helps build a stronger immune response by activating specific receptors in the innate immune system”, she said.

Image: Mrs María García Suárez