Olmix Group was awarded at the ISAP Nantes 2017

The company was recognized for the general high quality of its 9 technical posters. 

The ISAP Nantes 2017 was indeed a very good opportunity to observe the huge algal phycological biodiversity and its many biotechnological applications within the industrial sector. Held at “La Cité de congrès” in Nantes (France) from 18th to 23rd June, the 6th edition of this event gathered over 500 participants, who had the chance to attend high-quality posters presentations as well as dynamic and technical conferences.

In this context, Olmix made the most of the show by sharing its deep knowledge on the matter with presentations by internal and external collaborators.

But the icing of the cake was yet to come. On the last day of the event, Olmix was awarded ‘Prize of the Jury’ for the general high quality of the 9 posters that we showed at ISAP 2017.

  • Impact of an algae-based complex on broiler intestinal barrier function and survival rate (SeaLyt).
  •  Immune modulating effect of a seaweed extract on specific IgG and total IgA titers in the colostrum and milk (Searup).
  • Impact of an algae extract on the digestive health and laying performance of breeding turkeys (DigestSea).
  • SAGA poulets: Can seaweed replace Antibiotics in the farming industry? A case study on raising Broilers.
  • Effect of foliar application of seaweed extracts combined with micronutrients on incidence and severity of Plasmopara viticola on Vitis vinifera.
  • Raising pigs without antibiotics, Thanks to Algae!
  • A contribution to the economic assessment of green tides.
  • Effect of MSPImmunity on the immune transfer from the sows to the piglets.
  • Using Ulva sp. extracts as natural food emulsifiers.

Olmix's technical posters at ISAP 2017.